An End to Recurrent Low Back Pain? Rehab This!!!

What is the multifidus and why is this small muscle so important in back pain?

The multifidus muscle consists of a number of fleshy and tendinous muscle fibers which fill up the groove on either side of the spinous processes of the vertebrae, spanning almost the whole vertebral column. It is a group of very thin muscles deep in the spine that work to stabilize the joints at each segmental level. The stability provided by the multifidus muscles makes each vertebral joint work more effectively, and reduces the degeneration of the joint structures.

The multifidus muscle is key in the stabilization that is often weakened during episodes of low back pain (LBP). So if not properly rehabilitated & strengthened, what commonly occurs after LBP relief is achieved? RE-INJURY!!!

So what can we do to avoid re-injury or a new episode of LBP?…we can implement stabilization and strengthening exercises to our daily programs to not only strengthen the multifidus muscles, but the entire low back musculature as well.

Some examples of exercises are:

  • Bridges/planks
    • further challenge w/ opposite arm/leg lift
  • Side bridges
  • prone lumbar extension
    • further challenge by lifting both arms/legs (Superman)

These exercises implemented w/ chiropractic care will strengthen the effectiveness of the adjustment and build strength to decrease the chances of re-injury.

Patients often injure themselves by pushing their bodes too hard, too soon at the beginning stages of care. Please take caution with these exercises and ask the doctors for exercise forms or demonstrations before adding these exercises into your home care program.

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