Trail Towards Muscle Pain!

A muscle is literally numerous individual bands/fibers linked together to form a single functioning unit. When these bands are stressed, the body reacts in an attempt to protect itself from injury through tightening or spasm. When you keep stretching and pulling this tightness, the nervous system eventually sends a signal not only of pain but also to that muscle to deactivate (decrease tone and contraction) in an attempt to prevent damage. As a result of this signal, the muscle relaxes too much and it becomes weaker and less stable. That is, until your body attempts to find that stability somewhere else and adds tightness to another region. Muscles don’t function in isolation, so there are always compensation patterns that must be assessed and treated. That is why injuries are often not limited to one site or body part.

Most common example:
neck pain → shoulder instability/pain → shoulder blade pain → mid back pain

This common trend can be easily explained! Please consult one of the doctors in the office if this injury sounds like you or someone you know!

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