Vibe Pro Exercises

The VibePro (Whole Body Vibration) in the office works muscles out in a very different way than conventional resistance training/exercise. As the platform vibrations travel up through the patient, the body begins to feel unstable. To correct this instability, the body compensates by contracting both postural and major, phasic muscles (biceps, quads, hamstrings). The body’s instinctual counterbalancing reflex is what produces the positive muscle building/postural results.

Whole Body Vibration is perfect for virtually EVERY patient. Users range from professional athletes to patients who must be helped due to physical limitations. Because the exercises are low impact, patients with arthritic joints, low mobility or physical limitations can participate without the negative repercussions they would normally expect when working out. Patients can gain significant, positive results by simply standing on the vibration platform. Patients have been noticing muscle gain, postural improvement, increased range of motion and diminished stress/muscle fatigue after using the whole body vibration!

Ask the doctors how your condition may be helped using Whole Body Vibration at the office or email!!!

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