Get Moving…A Call To Action

Whether it be at home or work, we have become a sedentary society that sits far too often. Much of our days are spent sitting in chairs or recliners instead of moving around and getting on our feet as the body was designed to do. This seated time may be spent in front of televisions, computers, workstations or community card games, but regardless of the purpose, when we sit for extended periods of time, the quadratus lumborum (main lumbopelvic stabilizer) becomes fatigued/overworked. When you try to arise from the seated position, the main muscle that is providing low back strength/stability cannot contract properly leading to weakness and pain. This lumbar spine weakness/issue may present only as low back pain, but can also present as the inability to stand for long periods, pelvis, hip and groin pain if left untreated in chronic conditions.  To avoid this situation, you must:

  • strengthen the low back
  • strengthen the glutes/butt muscles
  • stretch the hips
  • stretch the hamstrings

Some exercises to investigate and learn:

  • abdominal draw-ins
  • bodyweight squats
  • bodyweight lunges
  • planks

Your first reaction should not be…”I can’t do those exercises…”. I urge you to figure ways to perform these exercises regardless of your condition. Epidurals, cortisone shots, hip/knee replacements are not always the answer. Many of these forms of treatment may cover the symptom/treat the pain momentarily, but will not  fix the true cause of the issue which is a biomechanical mistreatment of the lumbar spine. Despite your age, weight, condition or lack of motivation, the body was built to move and if you don’t continue to engage the body, you will lose the strength, stability and flexibility you once had. And once you lose that strength via atrophy, it is much more difficult to gain back. Get on a treadmill (always at an incline), get on a stationary bike, complete a yoga class/dvd, workout with weights. Whatever form of exercise you choose is fine with me just….YOU MUST GET MOVING!

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