What is core stability, and why is it important?

Core stability refers to the strengthening of the abdominal wall, pelvis, lower back, and diaphragm.  These muscles also known as the “core” provide a solid base in which all other muscles work off of to initiate movement.  If your core is not strong, one is more susceptible to lower back, hip, knee, etc. injuries.  Core stability benefits people of all ages from young professional athletes to geriatric patients.  It is easy to work on, and is something that everyone can do.  You can even do it in the comfort of your own home while watching one of your favorite TV shows.  Two basic core stability exercises that you should start working on today are the plank and abdominal draw in’s.

Plank – http://youtu.be/vPePwFCHG2E

Abdominal Draw Ins – http://youtu.be/YJeL2i4FJG0





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