Best Stretches you should be doing EVERYDAY!

Here is a list of stretches that Dr. Chris has compiled that everyone can do.  These stretches will help increase flexibility in areas that typically stay tight and engage muscles that often are weak due to poor posture and repetitive motion.

  1. Forward Bend with chin tuck (standing)
    1.  forwardbendwithchintuck
  2. Founder
    1. founder_shane
  3. Pigeon Pose
    1. pigeon_pose
  4. Triangle Pose
    1. triangle pose
  5. Adductor Stretch
    1. adductorstretch
  6. Scorpion/Hip Flexor Opener
    1. scorpionstretch

These stretches should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds to 1 minute.  To get the maximum benefit try to do these stretches at least 2x/day.  Any questions do not hesitate to comment below or email Dr. Chris at

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