“How do I lose weight?”

Such a loaded question, with incredibly loaded emotional responses. I often dance around the nutritional component of my advice because patient responses to “diet” are either defensive or overwhelming. My instructions only act as a “beginning” to your weight loss journey. I encourage you to go WAY further or deeper into nutrition and exercise if weight loss is a major issue for emotional, physical and homeostatic wellbeing. Some of my recommendations include the following:

– drink copious amounts of water (coffee, tea and “sports/health drinks do not count) – Males 102 oz and females 85 oz is the recommended amount

– try to eat 12 different vegetables/fruits per day – veggies are better for you than fruits!

– 30-60 minutes of “mindful” exercise

“Mindful” exercise means movement with the intention of increasing your heart rate to focus on fitness goals. I see people “working out” at the gym or talking on phones on the boardwalk. Great for the soul and improve emotional connections, but not great if you are trying to gain physical superiority. For 30 minutes try to get your heart rate to 65% max. This can be tracked with a heart rate monitor or felt with “just out of breath but able to hold a conversation if necessary”.

Again, overtime I urge you to go further with your workouts and nutritional endeavors, but this is a simple, great start. You do not need a gym or expensive workout equipment. Outside is a great place to start and YouTube or your television has great 10-30 minute yoga and workout videos. The weather is going to get better soon so get out there and get healthy.

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