“Dr. Ashley and Dr. Chris have been an integral part of our families health since we met them.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I decided I wanted to try for a VBAC. I wanted to give my body and my baby the best possible chance of success. I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Ashley on my Birth Team. I received regular chiropractic adjustments to keep my spine and pelvis aligned. Dr. Ashley also used the Webster Technique to help get my body and baby ready for birth. She is such a compassionate supportive individual. When I would start to get nervous she was always able to support me and reassure my nerves. My birth was optimal and I have no doubt that it was in large part of being supported by Dr. Ashley and Dr. Chris. Thank you so much!”

– Lisa G.

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had with Dr. Ashley. The office and staff are pleasant and easy to work with. I came to the office pregnant and in a lot of pain. After the first visit, I felt relief. By the 3rd, I felt like a different person. I saw Dr. Ashley weekly throught my pregnancy. This pregnancy was my most comfortable out of my 3, and I directly attribute it to the service I received at Chiropractic Family Center if Brick.”

– Shannon M.

“Since i fell down the cement basement stairs in 1998 I have had bad lower back pain. I tried 2 different Chiropractors and still in constant pain! My first visit to Chiropractic Family Center was amazing. My husband and myself walked out of the office and I turned to him and said my back is not hurting! We have been going once a month for at least 3 years now. We highly recommend Chris and Ashley for your Chiropractic care!!!”

– Debra C.

“I have been a satisfied patient here for many years! I would recommend the doctors; Ashley & Chris, all the time!” – – – Lois P

“I’m in nursing school and work in a hospital. So to say my body is stressed out is an understatement. I’m on my feet 12 hours a day when I work and I carry about 15 pounds of books a day. Needless to say, I needed help. My sister recommended me here and I wouldn’t go any place else. Not only does Chris make you feel like 100% again, he makes you feel comfortable and takes his time to get to know his patients. Something other doctors these days seem to not have the time for. The office is clean and smells/sounds more like a spa. The staff is welcoming and more like a family. I look forward to coming here. He’s absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend to anyone needing a chiropractor.”

– Erin B.

“Dr Chris and Dr Ashley have renewed my faith in chiropractor’s. They are so compassionate. They listen and answered all my questions. I needed relief from my pain and they have accomplished that. I know I have a ways to go and funny thing I look forward to my visits! �”

– Rosemary F.

“I was there before my knee surgeries and was in so much pain from my back that I could barely walk. I will be returning now that the knees are done so that Dr. Chris can fix what the physical therapist can’t because I know he can!”

– Anna A.

“An adjustment from Dr. Chris is pretty much a life changing event! Easiest way to explain it: I walk in with no range of motion in my neck, pain scale is at 10, I walk out comfy and able to look over my shoulder!

Office is clean, friendly and family owned. There’s no better Chiropractor to be found in my opinion.”

– Nancy H.

“Dr. Ashley has been adjusting both of my children – one since 8 weeks and the other since 6 days old! She was able to successfully release both babies’ Torticollis and is so knowledgeable about moms, babies and pregnancy. She also used the Webster technique and successfully turned my second baby into the correct birthing position. Dr. Chris has also adjusted me for years and has always been able to address any and all issues. My entire family goes to this practice and loves it!”

– Rachel A.

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for the help and relief that I received the Chiropractic Family Center of Brick! I was in terrible pain and discomfort that was unbearable all weekend. From the moment I walked through the door the entire staff was very kind and extremely helpful. Dr. Chris knew from my evaluation what was causing my discomfort. By the end of my visit I could feel the relief of the pain and numbness disappearing. Both Dr. Chis and Dr. Ashley are very knowledgeable and compassionate about what they do. They’re the best chiropractors around!”

– Heather J.

“Best chiropractor around. I feel down the stairs couldn’t move got into to see Dr Chris, I am back to walking and feeling great. Also Dr Ashley is wonderful with kids. My sons have been going to her for over a year. Chiropractic is the best for kids helps keep everything in line. Helps with frequent ear infections also with drainage. Office staff is amazing they will treat u like family.”

– Sue B.

“We love Dr. Ashley! She is so warm and caring. She takes the time to explain every adjustment so my kids feel comfortable. I highly recommend her.”

– Meghan C.

“Both my kids see Dr. Ashley. She’s amazing with them. They love going to the office. It’s not a “scary Doctor’s” office. The practice is super kid-friendly and very accommodating to our busy schedule. Highly recommend!”

– Christina H.

“Hands down best practice! I was recommended to Dr. Ashley when I was pregnant. She helped me out so much, not just with chiropractic but her kind words and motivation were greatly appreciated. I started bringing my 2 year old to her. Got my husband to go to Dr. Chris, who is also nothing short of amazing and started my newborn right away! Thank you Dr. Ashley and Dr. Chris for welcoming us like family into your practice!”

– Danielle M.

“Both Ashley and Chris are amazing! After my insurance no longer accepted my old chiropractor in the middle of my pregnancy, I found Ashley and Chris and truly could not be happier. They were both such a great support system and made me feel amazing throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. After having my son, Ashley has done wonders on him! My son is a lot more comfortable after adjustments and for a while after adjustments as well! Any issues I had with my son as a newborn have gone away and I truly believe Ashley is the main reason for that. These two doctors are amazing for truly anything between regular adjustments, pregnancy and babies as well! My family and I will be patients here for a very long time. Chris has also been adjusting my husband, who feels better and better each day! This practice is really the best!”

– Camila C.