Foundation Training

What is it?

Foundation Training (FT)  was created by a chiropractor and trainer named Dr. Eric Goodman. He developed this program to help himself, along with his patients and friends, to get out of pain.


How does it work?

The way foundation training works is by doing sustained postures to improve the stability and strength of the posterior chain ( neck, back, butt, hamstrings, and heels).  It’s essential principle is that movement comes from the hip joints, using a braced spine and posterior chain.


The main focus of FT is on the pulley system of muscles known as the posterior chain, which are in need of big help thanks to our modern lifestyle of constant sitting. The posterior chain includes the tissues and muscles of the lower back, the postural muscles that hug the spine, glutes, hamstrings and the anterior tibialis. The latter, which is the muscle near the shin, is the controlling muscle of posterior chain activation.


Our modern lifestyle typically involves wearing shoes with heels that are high enough to lengthen the anterior tibialis. This shortens the muscles of our posterior chain, ensuring the chain of muscles cannot function properly. Foundation Training restores the posterior chain muscles to their effective length and functioning. It stabilizes the pelvis through anchoring of the adductor muscles and uses muscular breathing techniques to decompress the spine.


FT uses simple tension exercises that rely on the physics of the body rather than outside equipment. You don’t even wear shoes when practicing FT, as you want to aim for the most natural environment as possible. A workout on the sand is ideal, with your toes gripping and grabbing the grains.


How can it help me?

Learning the foundation training exercises will help provide you with a strong structural base on which you can build a baseline for any sport or exercise.   Additionally, are you currently experiencing any back, neck, leg, arm, shoulder, or any other type of acute or chronic pain?  These exercises along with chiropractic care will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.  Living without pain will boost  your energy level and attitude which in turn will help you be more productive in other areas of your life.  Once you learn to move properly, there are few limits to what you can achieve physically!


How do I get started?

At our office, Dr. Chris Yanchus is a certified instructor and he will be able to teach you all the poses that Foundation Training offers.  Eventually, Dr. Chris would love to teach classes, but for now he incorporates the Foundation Training into his rehabilitative plan with his patients.

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