Work Injuries

Many people have occupations that consistently present obvious injury risks such as working with heavy machinery, lifting heavy objects or duties requiring constant bending/twisting or all the above combined. Less known, but just as important is the fact that many of our jobs, as sedentary as may seem, pose major risks to our health due to repetitive motions. Repetitive motions, such as prolonged computer use and typing, repetitive tool use, or looking downward for extended periods of time, may also cause musculoskeletal dysfunction resulting in nerve irritation, spinal misalignment and soft tissue damage.

Whether you have been injured on the job, or your duties at work are contributing to your symptoms, a doctor should be consulted so that you can return to pain-free work conditions as quickly as possible. Aches and pains at work is common, but in no way should be considered the norm. The doctors in the office are highly trained to determine the contributing factors to your symptoms and recommend the appropriate workplace changes.

A chiropractor will perform a complete physical, orthopedic and neurological exam before a specific cause of your dysfunction is determined. Once the appropriate diagnosis has been confirmed, your doctor will present an appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition. Conservative care should always be the first option in cases of work injury because of its effectiveness and efficiency of returning the individual to the workplace. Surgical intervention should always be your last resort.
Additionally, our doctors regularly lecture throughout the community regarding topics such as injury prevention and ergonomic safety in the workplace, and would be happy to speak at your place of employment. At the Chiropractic Family Center of Brick, the team of doctors is committed to identifying the cause and contributing factors of your symptoms including workplace involvement. We are also committed to providing the highest quality conservative rehabilitation for your work related injuries.

If there may be any further questions regarding work injuries, please call the office at 732-920-8188 or email