Hey There!
Greetings from sunny florida! We got out just before the blizzard but caught some snow Va-thru part of SC extending our trip by about 4 hours. Weather here is very nice, cool in the am and pm, but warming up to 80 most days. We’ll take it.
I am responding to your letter with a strong vote of support. As Dr Jim and staff know, I have been a patient of Dr Jim’s ( and now Dr Ashley! ) for approximately 30 years, so I got him young! I was young also, but had already had some chronic back issues going on, stemming from possibly a bad fall during skiing at 13 and the chronic lifting of my son and his baby bath ( filled with water!)  when I was a young mom.
The main point I am trying to bring out is that I have largely been a faithful patient all these years because ultimately I do believe chiropractic has helped tremendously in my quality of life. I have had acute episodes where I had physical therapy,  for a short period of time, where they used some of the same type equiptment and exercises, which have been encouraged by Dr Jim ( I am not always so faithful with them! ). Without chiropractic, I believe I would be in much worse physical condition and in chronic pain. Thank you Drs!
Cindy Romanow

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