Physiological/Biological Effects of K-Laser

Many people heard Dr. Higgins on WOBM this morning with Bob Levy! I just wanted to post the physiological and biological effects of the K Laser because many people inquired about how laser therapy might help their painful conditions. The K Laser helps:

1. accelerate tissue repair (muscle, tendon, ligament) and proper cell growth

2. increases wound healing

3. reduces scar tissue formation

4. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY w/o the side effects associated with NSAIDs

5. decreases pain

6. improves vascular activity to speed healing process

7. increased metabolic activity to improve repair process

8. improved nerve function

9. immunoregulation

10. trigger points and acupressure points

To get a better explanation on how the K-Laser may benefit you in any of the ways listed above, please call the office at 732-920-8188 or email me at

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