What Exercise Is Best For You?

What Exercise Is Best For You???

The question often posed by patients as they start to feel better is, “What is the best exercise for me?” That is often a loaded question because my response is often refuted by “their doctor, physical therapist, child or friend” who said that exercise would hurt them. So the all-encompassing ‘one-fits-all answer’ still continues to be…THE ONE THAT GETS YOU MOVING.

The second best exercise is the one that continues to get you moving AND gives you pleasure or a feeling of accomplishment. For most people, walking seems to be the best exercise to get them going. For others, they prefer the bike, yoga, tai-chi, or rowing. As long as you are off the couch or out of the chair, I am happy with whichever athletic endeavor you choose. If the exercise causes you pain (very different than making you sore), you may want to explore other options or slow down your pace…BUT DO NOT STOP MOVING! Movement is necessary to bring blood flow and oxygen to an injury site and to prevent further degeneration and fibrous tissue surrounding the joint which can impede further motion and wreak further havoc on the body. Put tension on muscles, stimulate the lungs and heart, pump those blood vessels and put the mind at ease through exercise, but don’t get caught up in finding the PERFECT exercise for your condition. Just get out of the chair…and continue to keep getting out of the chair. (Note: Just to clarify hypocrisy…I’m typing this post at my stand up desk while standing on a reflexology pressure point map stimulating the soles of my feet.)

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