Just Breathe

The majority of my patients sit for long periods at a time because of school, commuting or a desired activity. When questioned about periods of inactivity, often the first response is a defensive “I never sit.” Now, I am not calling on people to get off their butts, but to make sitting more constructive (whether it be required or elective).

First, when in a seated position make sure the feet, knees and hips line up to keep a better, balanced hip position. Next, try to flex the toes towards the shin. Roll the shoulders backward and down trying to get the chest “puffed” up. Tuck the chin ever so slightly (not looking down, but it looks as if you are almost giving yourself a double chin) and take a deep breath. When you breath in, try to create as much height as possible in your spine as if a string is pulling you upward. As you breath out try to pull your abdomen and shoulder blades towards your chair or couch. Repeat the above steps 3-5 times slowly throughout your day. This exercise is meant to be relaxing, yet difficult and invigorating so please have fun with this.

Most of the posture exercises I teach are very similar if not exactly from Foundation Training by Dr. Eric Goodman. Don’t hesitate to find his work on YouTube, www.foundationtraining.comor Amazon.

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