High Intensity Exercise

“I’m too busy to exercise.”  That is one of the most common complaints we hear at the office.  High intensity interval training cuts down on your exercise time dramatically.  Additionally, it is more beneficial for your body than the common aerobic/cardio exercise that most people typically do.  All you really need is 20 minutes 1-3 times a week.  Here is what your routine should look like:
1.)  3 minute warm up
2.)  Increase your heart rate for 20-30 seconds
3.)  Recover 90 seconds
4.)  Repeat #2 and #3 for another 7 times
5.)  2 minute cool down
The intensity is defined purely by the individual.  For example, it could be as simple as fast walking vs. slow walking, sprinting vs. jogging, or fast pedaling vs, slow pedaling on a bicycle.


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