An Avocado a Day…

Many people are afraid of avocados because they are a high caloric food, but I am going to show you why you should be eating at least one avocado a day.  Not only are avocados rich in over 20 essential nutrients, but they are nutrient boosters as well.  This means that adding an avocado to your meal actually helps boost your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the other food on your plate!

Avocados are rich in oleic acid.  Oleic acid has two beneficial attributes to your body.  One of which actually helps increase your body’s natural fat metabolism helping you lose weight.  The other helping promote healthy blood flow which in turn promotes a healthy brain!

Additionally, avocados have anti-aging qualities which help prevent wrinkles and skin aging.  This happens due to the high levels of vitamins B, K, and E.  These vitamins boost collagen formation, decrease age spots, soothe inflammation, and heal scars and burns.  Avocados actually have 35% more potassium than a banana, which help neutralize your body allowing for a healthier cellular environment.  There are also studies showing that adding avocados to your diet can actually reduce the risk of arthritis!

Furthermore, avocados contain a large amount of carotenoids, which provide vitamin A for eye health, boost the body’s immune system and support a healthy reproductive system.  They also are found to have high levels of omega 9 fats, which help balance your body’s hormones!

Above are just a few of the many benefits to eating an avocado a day to your diet.  So what are you waiting for, start today with an avocado a day!

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