Butter vs. Margarine

Did you know that butter actually has properties to it that benefit your joints?  It is called the Wulzen Factor, which is a hormone like substance that can prevent stiffness in joints, like arthritis. Additionally, butter is made up of saturated fats which help raise HDL “good” cholesterol.  Furthermore, it also contains omega 3’s, vitamin K2, CLA, and butyrate all of which are beneficial to the human body.

Many people think by choosing margarine over butter that they are doing something good for their bodies when in fact they are putting something into their body that is not recognized.  Margarine is made up of many harmful ingredients, such as trans-fats and hydrogenated vegetable oil,  none of which are beneficial to the human body.  Did you know that if you leave margarine out, mold never forms on it and that eventually it turns a pale grey color?!?


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