Get on the Floor and Stretch!

Get on the floor and relax

Get on the floor and relax

Just like this very comfortable and relaxed dog pictured, I challenge you to get on the floor and relax. By just following these steps you can jump start your day or minimize the aches and damage brought on by the day’s activities…

  1. Lay on the floor facing up and limps spread as far as comfortable
    • Don’t be afraid to use pillows if arms/shoulders don’t touch the floor
  2. Stretch your arms out as wide as possible feeling the stretch from your chest to your fingertips (take 4 deep breaths)
  3. Stretch your legs out as far as possible keeping knees flat on ground and toes pointed upward (take 4 deep breaths)
  4. Now stretch arms and legs opposite directions while keeping flat of back on the ground (take 4 deep breaths)

Not only is this activity a great relaxation, it is also an exercise that doesn’t require the body to fight against gravity, which can be tough on arthritic/compressed joints. The other step that may be overlooked, but should not be ignored is getting to the floor. Many people are okay with that notion that they cannot get on and off the floor. Don’t limit yourself! Position things nearby to allow a safe way to get down or up from the floor, but the worst thing you can do for your health is say “I can’t do that”. You use your elbows, shoulders, hips, back, neck, legs all to get yourself safely into and out of the position, so it becomes a full body exercise that is often overlooked until it is unable to be performed.

Get down, stretch and take a few deep breaths and watch the day’s stressors disappear.

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