Move an Hr/day

As we get closer to the holidays and winter, our drive to workout and to even go outside definitely decreases. This week many of the patients have already begun to complain of pains often caused by sitting for long periods of time or not getting out of the house. A treadmill albeit okay, cannot replace the benefits of getting out in fresh air and putting foot to pavement (walking/running).

Everyday you should strive to MOVE 60 minutes per day. Any movement is good, but some types will be better fitted for you than others. As you begin to MOVE, pay attention to what feels better than others. When you find a movement/exercise you like, SLOW IT DOWN! By slowing it down, you tax the stabilizer muscles which will make movement easier and more stable. Make sure as you MOVE, you do not hold your breath, tighten fists or hold breath. If you find yourself doing these cheats, the MOVEMENT is too tough to perform, because these are mechanisms of cheating by the brain to gain more stability.

The more athletes and young patients I work with, the more I find similar injury patterns as elderly patients with balance and muscle issues. Younger patients have the benefit of flexibility and more supporting muscle mass to overcome their deficiencies. This makes the young seem to move better, but don’t be fooled. Young and old often share the same issue that the stabilization in the entire body is lacking.

Core stabilization and flexibility is imperative in all populations. Often times these exercises are slow, boring and “don’t build a sweat”. I feel the same way sometimes!!! So change it up occasionally. Find slow, stable exercises you enjoy 3x/week. Work out hard 3x/week. On the final day of the week do whatever you like! The take home message is to MOVE 60 minutes per day.

Some great sites to find exercises/programs that work for you are:





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