Decompression Breathing

Decompression breathing is an exercise found in the foundation training protocol.  According to Dr. Eric Goodman in his book True to Form, a body compressed and grown rigid under gravity’s excessive pressure is a body in which proper respiration has been stunted, effectively reining in every move the body makes and every stand it takes.  It is one of the first exercises one should learn how to do effectively before going on to the other poses.  One of our chiropractors, Dr. Christopher Yanchus, is certified in teaching this great exercise protocol.  The minimum for doing the decompression breath is three repetitions.  Do the exercises whenever you can, but you should especially do it three times or more in the morning on awakening, three or more times in the afternoon, three times or more before bed, and during every Foundation Training exercise.   Check out the video below to learn more about how to do this exercise correctly.

Decompression Breathing

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Brushing your teeth well can help prevent Arthritis!!

“The findings revealed the gum fluid of people with gum disease contained high levels of citrullinated proteins. Citrullination is a natural protein regulatory process in everyone. However, in patients with RA, the process is overactive, resulting in abnormal levels of citrullinated proteins.”

Read the article below to learn more!

Importance of Good Gum Health

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Webster Technique

Great News!  Dr. Ashley is officially certified in this great, gentle, and effective technique.  Know someone that is pregnant?  Have them come in to get analyzed and adjusted using this safe technique.  Want to learn more?  Check out our page on the Webster Technique or call our office today!

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Rock Tape for our Pregnant Patients

Attention expecting Mom’s and Dad’s, check this out!  Do you have sciatica, back pain, ankle swelling or just general discomfort?  Rock Taping is a simple, gentle, yet effective way to help ease those nagging pregnancy symptoms to help you stay more comfortable.

Here is a great guide at the many different techniques that can be used with Rock Tape on a pregnant woman!

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More movement is the answer!

“the human body adapts to its environment and tissues conform to lines of stress”
“variability, variety and variation are critical to the cake mix of movement efficiency”
Doing MORE movements (not just the same exercise routine) will lead to a healthier, less painful body!!!  Check out this article below to learn more!

Sitting Isn’t Bad: Biology Is Dose Dependent

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